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May 28, 2012

And Back Home In Iowa…

Project Cornlight Logo

As if Tanna isn’t already doing enough, she’s got a new thing – Project Cornlight! This is her latest let’s-see-what-I-can-do-to-make-the-world-a-better-place venture.

There was a scandal a few years ago with the Iowa film commission that involved misappropriation of funds. Bad stuff! In the wake of that, work for Iowa filmmakers dried up and a lot of filmmakers left the state to find work elsewhere.

Enter Tanna, who snagged Kimberly Busbee, (director of the International Wild Rose Independent Film Festival and owner of AriesWorks Entertainment) to spearhead Project Cornlight, as well as John Busbee, festival manager for Wild Rose and producer of the Culture Buzz – http://www.culturebuzz.com – a weekly radio show and culture media network. The Wild Rose Festival is in its tenth year.

Here’s Project Cornlight’s mission statement: “Project Cornlight’s MISSION is to expand the film and performing arts industries in Iowa; to foster Iowa filmmakers, actors and writers; to give Iowans the opportunity to work with and learn from Hollywood professionals and to stimulate the economy and tourism by growing artistically strong and commercially viable feature films from the Heartland.

Project Cornlight will develop professional creative arts projects which utilize Iowa resources for locations, talent, crew, screenings, performances and presentations. These actions will create Iowa jobs and stimulate economic activity as Project Cornlight encourages new opportunities for Iowa’s creative workers.

Future plans for Project Cornlight include a series of films, stage productions, industry workshops and a screenplay competition in which an Iowa-connected writer will have his or her script selected for development into a feature film.”

They recently completed shooting their first movie, “The Farm.” which was written by Richard Schinnow, who hails from Rock Falls, Iowa. It’s about “a woman returning to the family farm after living in the big city. Having left behind a child to be raised by her parents and her grandfather now ill, she is about to learn… the road home is not going to be on any map.”

Award-winner Ron Vignone is the director (“The Back Nine,” “Say I Do”) Tanna Frederick is in the lead role and it also stars Tom Bower (“Crazy Heart,” “The Killer Inside Me”), Joel West (“Heroes,” “CSI: Miami”) and Rylie Behr (“Impulse”). The cast and crew are rounded out by about 300 locals. How cool is that?

I can’t wait to see it.

Check out their website at http://projectcornlight.org.

Thank you, Tanna, for once again, seeing a need and fulfilling it. I’m positive that Project Cornlight is going to be wildly successful.


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