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June 15, 2011

Have the Queen of the Lot Over for Dinner

Okay, I admit that that’s a tacky teaser to tell you that Queen of the Lot is now out on DVD! I can’t wait to get a copy. I heard Henry Jaglom and Tanna Frederick speak at Vidiot’s Video last year and they were articulate and engaging. Henry Jaglom could easily teach a course on film history and I’d be there hanging on every word. His anecdotes and stories were riveting. On the Queen of the Lot DVD, there’s commentary by Henry Jaglom, Tanna Frederick and Noah Wyle. Oh boy. That’s one of the coolest things about DVDs – the commentaries by directors and actors. I’m hooked on commentaries.

A few years ago, I watched It’s My Party which was written and directed by Randal Kleiser. It was his true-life story about his relationship with his lover who had AIDS. The story chronicles the time through the end of his lover’s life and the changes their relationship went through. Gregory Harrison played Randal and Eric Roberts played his lover. Both were brilliant. This was at the beginning of the AIDS crisis when nobody knew what was going on. What a courageous story. I watched the movie with a friend, then we watched it again, with Randal’s commentary turned on. Wow! To say that it was fascinating is an understatement. Then, having all the details from Kleiser, we watched the movie again! What a story. I’ve never watched the same movie three times in a row but after the commentary, the movie seemed new again and we understood it on a deeper level. That’s the beauty of commentary.

The Queen of the Lot DVD is on sale at these outlets:

Netflix.com (put it in your queue)
Barnes and Noble stores
Available in Canada in July
more to come…

If you can’t get it at one of those outlets, you need either a new car or a new computer.


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