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March 29, 2011

The Good Guys Are Winning!

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I stopped watching the news and reading newspapers years ago. Why, you ask? Don’t I want to know what’s going on in the world? Yes, I do, but at what cost? Look at the current news reporting techniques used in mainstream media. It’s all bad news, even the good news. It’s filled with innuendo, it’s slanted, scandal-oriented and promotes mistrust between people. There’s precious little “good news” and even that has shades of disaster lurking or some hint of wrongdoing by the good guy. Journalists dig into the backgrounds of people who seem to be good guys or people who are doing good things, and attempt to dig up some dirt on them. Why is that necessary? What’s the point? The fact is, there are good people out there – way more good people than the mainstream media would have you believe. 

I think the main message of today’s media is “don’t trust anyone.” That Middle Eastern guy who you’ve lived next door to for years might be a terrorist, your child’s teacher could be a pedaphile and your husband’s probably sleeping with his secretary or you’re wife’s doing the FedEx guy.

So what does this have to do with Tanna Frederick? She’s one of the good guys/girls. In addition to being talented and beautiful, she’s a real person – a good one. Here’s an example:

Tanna Frederick was graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in Theatre Arts. She was in Iowa recently and spoke to four classes there. She has established a scholarship in her name for an incoming University of Iowa theatre arts major. This year’s winner was Amelia Peacock who said, “It’s definitely encouraging and a testament to how great the Iowa program is, that someone from Iowa City can make it in Hollywood. It’s definitely something to look up to.”

(Here’s the link to the full Press-Citizen article – http://www.press-citizen.com/article/20110225/NEWS01/110225007/UI-grad-actress-Tanna-Frederick-to-attend-Bijou-screening

I like good news. It makes me feel good. People like Tanna Frederick do good things and inspire others to do the same. 

In Frederick’s latest film, Queen of the Lot, she reprises her Hollywood Dreams role of Hollywood hopeful Margie Chizek, who’s now attained B-list status (and desperate to get to the A list) and changed her name to Maggie Chase. Chase has gotten in trouble because of multiple DUIs. A reporter (played beautifully by Tommy Lightfoot Garrett) is interviewing Maggie and she says, “It’s unbelievable how you get no coverage on anything until you do something really bad. Getting a DUI is the best thing I’ve ever done because now, all of a sudden, I’m in the magazines, and before, nobody ever wanted to talk about me.”

This quote may have come from a movie but it’s the perfect description of the way the current news biz works. Charlie Sheen is the latest media darling until the next big scandal happens.

By the way, Queen of the Lot is a marvelous film. Check it out.


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